Vintage Model Hand-Tooled Leather Guitar Strap

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Individually hand-tooled harness-grade leather.  1″ width strap, 3″ width shearling-backed shoulderpad.  Hand-engraved nickel-silver bucklework set.

A narrower version of our “Original Model” guitar straps.


Our “Vintage Model” guitar straps (a narrower version of our “Original Model” straps) are meticulously hand-tooled in traditional Western motifs by leather artisans with decades of experience crafting elaborate saddlery and tack.  The designs date back to late 19th century Western leatherwork, used extensively in decoration of saddles, saddlebags, belts and holsters.  Each is an individual and unique work of craftsmanship.

Strap is 1″ wide.
Shoulder pad is 3″ wide.
Shoulder pads are tooled in traditional “basket-weave” pattern, backed with genuine sheepskin shearling.
Buckle, loop & tip are solid nickel-silver, hand engraved, finished in sterling.

Additional information

Weight 1.56 lbs
Dimensions 1 in

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