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by Dennis McDermott on El Dorado Guitar Accessories

Received my strap yesterday and it was well worth the wait. It's great. I'm very glad I found your site. Great American-made quality and style. This is my second ElDorado strap and I'm sure it won't be my last. Thanks.

by Luis Fernandez on El Dorado Guitar Accessories

I have received my new strap! The workmanship and attention to detail is absolutely stunning. And it's really comfortable. Thank you, Bill, for all you do.

I wanted to offer some details on my recent purchase of the Original Plain Model 40-46” brown guitar strap.
Firstly – the strap is beautiful and I’m certain it will age nicely. The service was great (I placed my order by phone) and I was impressed by the knowledge and details of the person on the phone. We discussed modifications to include holes for a Schaller StrapLock. Delivery was quick also.
I was forewarned that they don’t sell many of the 40-46” guitar straps so before I modify the strap for StrapLocks, it was suggested I wait for the strap to arrive and make sure it will work for me.
Here’s the deal. The strap is for two hollow body guitars. I hold the guitar up high and angled – sort of Joe Pass style. This proved to be an issue. With the buckle in front, the short strap length and the way I hold the guitar – there simply wasn’t enough room for the padded shoulder strap . So, instead, I have the buckle in back—but from time to time it bangs on the body of the guitar if I don’t pay attention.
For most people, this will likely not be an issue. But if you are a similar type of guitar player, you may wish to look at another style of strap.
Again – a great product and I will likely order another strap from El Dorado. There were a few logistical issues that made this one less than ideal.

by j. e. (ric) hepburn on El Dorado Guitar Accessories

Good Morning!

I just wanted to say "thanks" for the Hair-On Cowhide Strap that I purchased from y'all. I had asked that there be a certain black-to-white ratio to match my Fender Cabronita Thinline Telecaster in white blonde and your selection was perfect!!!

The workmanship is second to none!

My new El Dorado strap has become a part of the character of my guitar. I am extremely pleased with the high quality materials and workmanship of the strap.The vintage plain model with the brass buckle looks even better than I expected with my Tele. I appreciate the great service, also. Thank you!

I got my hand-tooled "Durango" model guitar strap yesterday and i want to say thank you for this fantastic guitar strap.
It looks awesome and i'm sure i'll highly recommend El Dorado product to all of my friends .

Thanks again!

My hand tooled black leather Telecaster pick guard arrived today and I am amazed with the quality and looks of this beautiful piece.The photos online fail to capture how truly detailed and striking this is.In my opinion,this classy addition to my beloved Tele is well worth every cent spent.It shipped direct from Eldorado in Cali to Ohio in just 3 days.Thank you Mr.Bill Silverman,kindly!I do look forward to ordering from you again very soon!

I purchased a banjo strap a couple years back. Incredible strap. Beautiful workmanship, top quality leather and tooling. I was so impressed with the strap that I ordered a second one about six months or so after the first. Great customer service when I was talking with the folks at El Dorado and discussed what I wanted. They went above and beyond to make sure I got what I wanted. Am going to order my third strap now. It may be a little more expensive than other straps but they are customed made and tooled by great craftspeople.

by Randy Foster on El Dorado Guitar Accessories

I ordered my original plain model strap in ( brown ) to compliment my may 1956 fender stratocaster hardtail on may 7,2013 and recieved it on the 9th of may 2013.these straps are even more striking in person than pictures can hardly say.and boy does it ever compliment my vintage strat.certainly , my hats off to Brother Bill Silverman and all the folks over there at El Dorado guitar straps and accessories in Pasadena.thanks so very much for likely the best strap ever created by mankind.God Bless and continue the wonderful art and tradition of creating the best guitar strap ever.

Randy Foster

I got my Eldorado strap from Bill at the Dallas guitar festival & i love it, it went straight on my favourite Telecaster & it's staying there.

Innes: Great meeting you at the Dallas Show. What a blast! Glad to hear you're enjoying your new El Dorado guitar strap. Thanks again!

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  1. Chris Dore

    Amazing one off guitar straps, handmade quality, there is no comparison anywhere in ENGLAND .
    Thank You


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