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Shout out to El Dorado !

Just some Pics and a Shout out to Bill Silverman and his Company…ElDorado Straps & Guitar Accessories.
They are a Class Act from Start to Finish…(and everything Fits !)…This was done for a Good Customer in Texas, and a Forum member. The only additions I did was to create some Backing plates for both strap buttons, and a surface mounted jack plate using Conchos I modified from a Western Tack Shop…This look is not for everyone, and is meant to Show off Bill’s fine line of Products and how they look installed on a Tele…so to those who feel they must express their dislikes for such things, kindly refrain, and let others enjoy the Pics.

[Source – Telecaster discussion forum]

3 thoughts on “Customer Images

  1. Dee

    Looks great! Lovely products throughout the website! Such a nice friendly environment to purchase gorgeous goodies for your favourite guitar!

  2. Andy Blackburn

    Can you tell me how in the world you got the neck cover on the pickup? I cannot figure out for anything. Thanks a bunch-Andy

    1. Bill Silverman Post author

      Andy: if you’re not familiar with changing the pickup cover on the Tele’s, I suggest you leave that to a competent guitar tech. The process requires unsoldering the ground lead from the existing cover, carefully removing it, and taking extra care not to damage or break the hair-thin pickup windings. As I said, it’s better to leave this part of the installation to a professional.

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