El Dorado “Durango-Suave” guitar straps: perfect for your electric or acoustic guitar

Our Durango-Suave guitar straps are one of our most popular models.  Why?  Maybe it’s the ultra-soft leather, the comfortable 2 1/2″ width, the graceful front taper, the reversible color option.

Whatever the reasons, one point we’d like to make is “quality”.  Our Durango-Suave straps are meticulously crafted with the highest quality top-grain leather using saddle-weight harness thread stitching.  They glow with understated elegance and are the perfect accompaniment for your favorite electric or acoustic guitar.

See our full line of Durango-Suave guitar straps HERE.

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5 thoughts on “El Dorado “Durango-Suave” guitar straps: perfect for your electric or acoustic guitar

  1. Jim Leonard

    I’ve gotten 2 of these. The quality & workmanship are stunning. @ $100 a pop, they’re a bargain.

  2. David Hinckley

    I’m buying my second strap so I think that speaks for itself. The workmanship is awesome and I love the soft supple leather. The color choices work well for me too. If anyone has doubts about your product they shouldn’t as I’ve spent some time over the years browsing for straps.

  3. Ken Hurst

    This is an excellent strap. I purchased it to use with the Warwick Thumb bass. It really supports the weight of this heavy bass and the it provides enough grip to keep it in place and prevent neck dive. The two colors really compliment the look of the Thumb Bass. The quality and materials are superb.

  4. Daniel Fletcher

    Omg it’s so soft and hugs me, this is an amazing work of craftsmanship! It’s leather like I remember my father wore in the 70’s. It smells so amazing.

    Thank you so much!!!

  5. Paul Drobny

    Really? Only 2? I’ve got 5. The best guitar straps I’ve ever seen. Absolutely beautiful in top grade heavy duty leather. But but not stiff .. these are supple and many are 2 sided : choose the color you feel like using today. I keep them with the guitars so I don’t have to move them. I have other straps, but the nylon ones, while strong, are too slippery. Many of the leather and faux leather ones places like the Guitar Center sell are either too thin or flimsy and break. These are the bomb.

    Paul Drobny
    San Anselmo Ca.


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