Hand-Engraved Metal “Strat” Pickguard

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$295.00 USD

Hand-engraved metal replacement Strat™ pickguard


Solid brass, hand-engraved and nickel plated.
Direct replacement for standard Strat™ pickguards.

Our first hand-engraved pickguard graced a Fender Custom Shop masterbuilt guitar. Now available for the guitarist or luthier seeking the finest customized pickguard. Solid brass, hand-engraved and bright nickel-plated.  Direct replacement for standard Strats™.

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Weight 1.625 lbs

1 review for Hand-Engraved Metal “Strat” Pickguard

  1. Joakim Johansson

    Wow !! I´ts the prettiest thing I´ve ever seen. In line with my wife……

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