Hand-Engraved Telecaster™ Guitar Parts Set

$359.00 USD

Hand-engraved replacement parts for Telecasters™


For your wife it’s Tiffany’s, for your Tele it’s El Dorado!

Whether you want to dress your Tele™ up and take it on the town or make it stand out from the crowd, we have the solution: El Dorado engraved guitar parts for your Telecaster™.

Top quality replacement parts for your Tele™ hand-engraved by skilled silversmiths. The fit is correct, the look is extraordinary. The perfect way to show your Tele™ how truly special it is.


Replacement parts set for standard Telecaster™.
Set includes vintage style 3-saddle bridge, control plate, 2 knobs, front P/U cover.
All parts are fashioned from solid steel or brass, hand-engraved and bright nickel-plated.

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Weight 1.625 lbs


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